The Office of Adolescent Health Services has several initiatives, including:

    • CDC Preventing Teen Dating and Youth Violence

    • Provides guidance and opportunities for youth engagement in positive youth development and learn skills to prevent youth and teen dating violence

      • Fourth R is an evidence-based classroom curriculum designed to provide students with a comprehensive health education, to enhance youth motivation, and to teach skills that promote healthy relationships and reduce conflict and risk behaviors

      • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – youth-driven advocacy program using Geographic Information Systems and CPTED principles

  • Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative (THAI) Community Based:

    This programming focuses on using adolescent-adult partnerships to develop and implement programs that will prepare youth with a strong foundation to make positive life choices throughout adulthood.  The Houston Youth and Adult Council (HYAC) is a community collaboration co-led with youth to develop strategies to address Substance Abuse.

    • Monthly HYAC meetings to optimize shared decision making

    • Evidence-based curriculum to provide education about substance abuse prevention

    • Build community support, networks, and messages to increase mental health and substance abuse risk awareness and avoidance skills

  • Volunteer & Employment Program:

    Employment program to help youth connect to possible volunteer and employment opportunities.

    • Volunteer hours year-round for youth 14-24 years of age

    • Summer Jobs and Enrichment Program exposes youth and young adults to various career paths. Eligible participants must be ages 16-24 and have youth voice, health and safety hours

  • THAI Clinic Based Services:

    Assesses youth-friendliness of clinics, provides training to healthcare providers on creating a youth-friendly atmosphere, and promotes social media usage to raise awareness about adolescent health risks and the availability of health services.

    • Improves the quality and increases the quantity of adolescent health visits in Northern Houston.